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Paddle ribbon blender
Ribbon blender mixer

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Horizontal ribbon mixer Blender consists of transmission parts, double ribbon agitators and U-shape cylinder. In the direction of rotation, the outer ribbon pushes materials from both ends to the middle, while the inner ribbon pushes materials from the middle to both ends. Ribbon wind with different angle direction carries the materials flowing in different directions. Through continuous convective circulation, the materials are sheared and mixed thoroughly and quickly.

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Abster Ribbon Blender comprises of a U-shaped horizontal trough and a specially designed Double Helical Ribbon Agitator rotating within. Ribbon Blenders are based on a proven agitator construction that provides a triple mixing action ensuring fast, efficient blending. The dimensions and configuration of the ribbons are carefully balanced to provide a movement of material within the container that avoids dead spots and gives rapid product discharge.
An alternate design is the paddle agitator or Paddle blender. The paddles are positioned to move the material in opposing lateral directions as well as radially. The paddle design is generally employed where friable materials are being blended, and when batches as small as 15% of the total capacity are going to be mixed in the blender.

Ribbon blender- Applications

Food & Ingredients, Infant formula, cocoa mix, instant salad dressing, cake mixes, seasonings, flavorings, gelatin ... the list of food material in which our blender can speed up mix times and provide consistent uniformity, goes on and on. All models can be outfitted with cleaning nozzles to aid in batch changes. A variety of feed and discharge arrangements are possible to tailor to your needs.

Our blenders provide the required uniformity in shorter times which means less dusting and breakage of the ingredients that can cause gastric ulcers in the animals, and bridging of downstream handling equipment. Additionally, by using scrapers or drop bottom discharge, the amount of material left over between batches is minimized, reducing the opportunity for bacterial growth.

Slurries The action within ribbon blenders is vigorous enough to homogenously distribute liquid slurries. Special high speed intensifiers can be added to the bottom to help break lumps that may be present. Proper shaft seal design is critical for handling liquids. Shaft seal choices include: mechanical, packing glands and double mechanical.

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